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My First Ever Free Upgrade to Business Class

I was sitting at the gate, savouring my last few minutes of free wifi and catching pokemon when I heard “Alexis Chan, we are giving you a seat in business class” on the PA system.  And as I looked up from my phone, a path lit up with flight attendants on each side blowing trumpets and a man in a suit and a bright smile held up a golden ticket at the end, and welcomed me to my throne aboard the plane.

At least… that’s what happened in my head.  In reality, it was a lot less anti-climatic (Although despite my seemingly composed self, I was like a kid who received a pony from Santa Claus for Christmas on the inside).  It all began when the announcer announced “(Names) Alex Chan (and a bunch of other names) please see the attendant at the desk,” which I completely ignored since my name was not Alex.  I even joked to my friend that maybe I will finally meet the male version of my doppelganger and he was on the same flight as me.  Well, after the tenth announcement, I decided to check if they were actually referring to me and lo and behold, they were!

And then the guy at the desk told me, “We’re full at the back so we’re moving me to the front,” then he handed me my new ticket and said, “my colleague over there will take care of you.”   At this point in time, I thought that they moved me to the economy front, not the front front, until I saw that my ticket said business class.  (derp)

As we all know, the seats are wider (There are only 2 seats where there would be 3 seats in economy) and the leg room can only be defined as spacious.  But here’s what I never realized happened in business until July 19th, 2016 (Every airline is probably different; I was on an Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Los Angeles and no, I am not sponsored by them!)

  • The minute everyone was seated, the flight attendant gave us all a glass of orange juice in an actual glass (not a plastic cup).
  • Breakfast was included.  I ordered the “healthy option” with fresh fruit, oatmeal, Iogo Greek Yogurt and warm (!!) bread, since I already ate breakfast (but I figured if you’re only going to business class once, you might as well go all out.)  Oh yeah, the food was served on actual plates.
  • The flight attendant asked if I wanted a drink and I asked for green tea.  This was also served on an actual mug.  Every time I was done, she asked if I wanted a refill.
  • You had access to the washroom at the front of the plane
  • There was one flight attendant just attending to business class, like 12 people, as opposed to 2 or  3 to the rest of the plane.

And there we have it, my first time ever sitting in business class.  And how did I score this free upgrade?  I have no idea.  I wasn’t dressed particularly nicely, or even nice at all – yoga capris, Converse, t-shirt and windbreaker, carrying a puma gym bag.  I did take maybe six individual Air Canada flights in six months so maybe that’s why?  From my perspective, it was complete and random luck.

So next time you board a plane, keep those fingers crossed and listen to your name.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll get lucky!

Good luck,



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