Around Vancouver

Early Spring Days

Taking a walk on a rare day of sunshine to clear the mind in the middle of exam season.

Around Vancouver

Escape to St. Marks Summit

  To be honest, I was never a huge fan of snowshoeing.  But sometimes, in order to escape to a winter wonderland, there is no other choice.  Although it's not quite Narnia, St. Mark's Summit on Cypress Mountain is as close as it gets with its majestic blanketed trees and nearly untouched white snow.  There's… Continue reading Escape to St. Marks Summit


Photo Story | Château de Versailles, 2016

Here are a few photos of my visit to the Palace of Versailles in France.  Aside from the huge crowds, I remember being completely speechless as to how big and magnificent this place was....  Being back in school makes me reminisce about travelling so much. - Alexis


Review | Travellon Anti Theft Classic Sling Bag

While researching for Europe, I kept on coming across articles about tourists getting their passports, phones, wallet... basically everything.... stolen.  And just like medical student's disease (google it!), the more you read about it, the more scared you get.  So as someone motivated by fear and paranoia, I decided that I needed to invest in… Continue reading Review | Travellon Anti Theft Classic Sling Bag


Travel | Oahu, Hawaii 2016

Every time I travel, I tell myself that I'm going to record my adventures in the form of some sort of writing, either a notebook or blog, but it seems as though the only thing I record anything with is a camera.  But it's okay, one picture speaks a thousand words right? I've wanted to… Continue reading Travel | Oahu, Hawaii 2016

My Thoughts

Why I don’t regret taking 1+ year off school

While scrolling through my facebook feed, I see people graduating left, right and centre.  Some are finding "real" jobs, others are going onto master's programs and here I am, still slaving away at my undergrad.  I could have joined the graduation crew too... if I had not not been in school for the past 15,… Continue reading Why I don’t regret taking 1+ year off school