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A Weekend in Jail | Hi-Ottawa Jail Hostel

During my short time in Ottawa, I decided to stay in the Hi-Ottawa Jail Hostel.  The building was a jail prior to becoming a hostel and housed murderers, thieves and all kinds of other types of criminals.  Throw public executions into the mix and no wonder the building is considered one of the most haunted… Continue reading A Weekend in Jail | Hi-Ottawa Jail Hostel


A few days in Ontario | Day 1: Toronto

After years of thinking, wishing and talking about it, airfares finally dipped low enough and I caught the plane from Vancouver, B.C. to Toronto, Ontario.  If you're wondering why I didn't buy the VIA150 train pass, well.... I'm working a very exciting job over the summer and will not be able to use it anyways.… Continue reading A few days in Ontario | Day 1: Toronto

Around Vancouver

Sunshine & Cherry Blossoms

It's that time of year again to find the cherry blossoms in full bloom in Vancouver.  When the weather surprises you with an entire sky of blue after days of rain, we took the opportunity to head to the beaches and Stanley Park to take full advantage of the sunshine.

Around Vancouver

“W” for Winter

With the return of grey clouds and cool rain, sometimes I reminisce about exploring Pier Park in New West in wintry conditions after light sprinkles of rain. This summer, I would like to explore more of Vancouver's local parks with my camera and capture shots that are often overlooked by people who lived here for their… Continue reading “W” for Winter

Around Vancouver

Escape to St. Marks Summit

  To be honest, I was never a huge fan of snowshoeing.  But sometimes, in order to escape to a winter wonderland, there is no other choice.  Although it's not quite Narnia, St. Mark's Summit on Cypress Mountain is as close as it gets with its majestic blanketed trees and nearly untouched white snow.  There's… Continue reading Escape to St. Marks Summit