Spring in High Park

You know spring is just around the corner when cherry blossoms paint the landscape pink 🙂


A few days in Ontario | Day 2: Toronto

Day 2 in Toronto was much drier than the first, although the skies were still grey until about mid-afternoon.  But I wasn't going to let this stop me and headed down to the harbourfront to rent a bike from Wheel Excitement.  Initially, I wanted to bike to Scarborough Bluffs since I thought that there was a… Continue reading A few days in Ontario | Day 2: Toronto

Around Vancouver

Escape to St. Marks Summit

  To be honest, I was never a huge fan of snowshoeing.  But sometimes, in order to escape to a winter wonderland, there is no other choice.  Although it's not quite Narnia, St. Mark's Summit on Cypress Mountain is as close as it gets with its majestic blanketed trees and nearly untouched white snow.  There's… Continue reading Escape to St. Marks Summit


Photo Story | Château de Versailles, 2016

Here are a few photos of my visit to the Palace of Versailles in France.  Aside from the huge crowds, I remember being completely speechless as to how big and magnificent this place was....  Being back in school makes me reminisce about travelling so much. - Alexis